2017 Pizza Eating Contest. Register to be a part of the fun!
Sunday, June 25, 12:30 to 1:30

$13 entry fee. Sign Up Here

Includes admission to the event and participation in the Pizza Eating contest. Proceeds will benefit the – The North End Foundation.

You will be competing for glory and a PIZZA PEEL.

Participants will be in “heats” of 4 or 5 participants and will race to FINISH a small pie from the same pizza shop. FINISH is defined as "all food is swallowed". The PIZZA will be a 6” or 7” pie.

Judges from the Charity and/or Sponsor will oversee the event. The winner is determined by the fastest eater. Judges will have the final decision.

At the end, all winners of the individual “heats” will appear on stage and we will one by one count down to the fastest two.

The final two will get a BIG hand and will then receive the winner or runner up PIZZA peel.